360 Degree Bottle and Vial Inspection System

360 Degree Bottle and Vial Inspection System

In many countries, the majority of medicines are packaged in bottles; however, because it is difficult to inspect bottles, 100% inspection of applied labels are rarely performed. Inspecting labels or defects on a round bottle is difficult because the bottle orientation is typically different on every bottle.

The main challenge of this project for our customer was that they inspected bottle label information prior to applying them to the bottle, and then collected a sample of the bottles for full inspection. Since the labels are not verified on the bottle, there was a possibility that a wrong label can be applied to a bottle, or the label can be damaged after application.

They reached out to CXV Global who rose to the challenge and provided a 360 Degree vial and bottle inspection system that now allows our customer to inspect 100% of the labels on their vials and bottles instead of just inspecting a sample of the production run, without reducing the speed of the line. Testament to our success, the customer also reduced the workload of their QC department, enabling them to redirect their time to inspecting other complex products.

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