Robotic Labeling Solution

Work in lab environments, clinical, and small scale manufacturing environments requires accurate labeling of various vials, bottles, syringes, injectors, cartridges and other small cylindrical objects. Many specialized printers are available to print and apply labels, but require an operator to manually pick up and place the various products in the labeler and then back into […]

Robotic Process Automation Dashboard

To support rapid research and development processes, Janssen utilises robotic material handling platforms to conduct laboratory experiments. These platforms are controlled via specialised software that generates reports in XML format, recording robot activities and other critical process information. Janssen engaged CXV Globals’ software development team to create a custom software to interpret these files and […]

Lab Business Process Automation

Janssen R&D IT was tasked to assist the laboratories towards achieving higher levels of automation enablement (hardware, software, and digital transformation). CXV Global was engaged to provide expertise in the review of existing workflows towards that critical automation enablement vision. The project required thorough assessments and development of business process workflows of the various Janssen […]

Pharmaceutical, Serialisation and Aggregation Solution

Renew Pharmaceuticals is committed to delivering cutting edge healthcare solutions, particularly in the area of connected health. New anti-counterfeiting regulations were introduced by several countries & regions where Renew Pharmaceuticals product was sold requiring the track & trace of prescription medicines through the entire supply chain. Under the directive, all new packs of prescription medicines […]