Protecting Employees Through A Mask Inspection System

To ensure employees were protected during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, our customer started producing their own masks to supply their work force with quality medical masks every day. Manual inspection of masks carries a very high error rate and is also a tedious and time-consuming task for human inspectors. Their preference was an cost-effective, […]

Lipstick Carton Inspection Modules

Efficiency and customer safety are essential aspects to consider when manufacturing cosmetic products. With complex processes and faster production lines, operators are finding it increasingly difficult to inspect for defects, contamination and quality standards without impacting line efficiency. Manual inspection also increases risk of human error and missed defect detection. The second those defects leave […]

Automatic Tracing of Strawberries thanks to Vision and RFID Technology

  Coöperatie Hoogstraten, one of the oldest fruit and vegetable auctions in Belgium attaches great importance to the traceability of its products throughout the chain, where food safety is playing a significant role. As the strawberries originate from some 200 strawberry growers, this process is logistically not easy to achieve. The former plastic punnets filled […]

Five Sided Tunnel Troubleshooting for Logistics Client

Low read rates and misreads can become a significant cost in logistics. Valuable man-hours are spent retrieving packages in hospital lanes, packages are sent to the wrong locations, and many other resources are wasted when a Scan Tunnel is not working at its peak performance level. There are many variables that can go wrong and […]

Vision for Electrical and Automotive

Intelligent solutions company, Quiptech came to CXV Global with a requirement for a software solution. Quiptech’s customer supplies specialised modules to the automotive industry. The customer required an inspection of one of these modules during assembly to ensure quality. The inspection would confirm the correct orientation of mating connectors within the metal casing of the […]