At Pack Expo, Omega Design Corp. to Debut Case Packing Cobot powered by Xyntek Technology

Cobot system can safely and reliably pack cases

up to 70% faster than manual loading operations.


EXTON, PAOmega Design Corporation – a global provider of innovative packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and consumer healthcare industries, and a worldwide leader in bottle unscrambling technology – will premiere collaborative robot (cobot) packing assistance capabilities for its popular Intelli-Pac semi-automatic case packer at Pack Expo Booth S-3112, October 23-26 in Chicago. The cobot system is powered by manufacturing technology provider Xyntek.


Intelli-Pac’s highly flexible platform supports a variety of semi-automatic production modules, including case formers, print-and-apply case labelers, case layer inspection units, and case sealers. Ideal for loose or bundled bottles and cartons, the new cobot capabilities can safety and reliably pack up to 70% faster than manual loading. Also available as an upgrade on existing Intelli-Pac machines, cobot assistance offers a bevy of benefits, most prominently:


  • Lower cost: Semi-automatic case packing is a more compact, flexible and less expensive operation than fully automatic operations.


  • Boosted efficiency: Compared to manual setups, semi-automatic cobot packing offers faster operation while reducing the likelihood of human errors.


  • Improved quality: Cobots free operators to perform ancillary tasks, allowing them to focus on overall operation and product quality rather than their own hand motions.


The enhanced cobot capabilities build upon Omega Design Corp.’s well-established Intelli-Pac system, known for offering high-integrity aggregation data when configured for a ‘pack first, then inspect” process. Intelli-Pac enables operators to simply and expediently remediate out-of-spec products at the point of discovery, preventing costly downstream reworks and resulting in a process where cases are only sealed once satisfactorily aggregated. Versatile and vendor-agnostic, the machine permits brand owners to use their preferred serialization data management software and vision systems.


Cobots incorporated into the Intelli-Pac system are either Universal Robots or UR10e modules. They have a 51” radius range and can handle case layers weighing up to 12kg. Intelli-Pac machines are available in stainless steel or anodized aluminum frames, and can handle cases consisting of single and multiple layers. It handles cases with minimum dimensions of 6” x 4” x 3”, and maximum dimensions of 24” x 15” x 21”. Case label sizes range from a minimum of 2” x 10” for corner wrap labels, 2” x 5” for single-side labels; and a maximum of 4” x 10” for corner wrap labels, 4” x 5” for single-side labels.




About Omega Design Corporation

Omega Design Corporation is a global provider of innovative packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and consumer healthcare industries.  For over 50 years, Omega has specialized in the design, manufacture, service, and support of a broad range of container handling and packaging equipment systems, including bottle unscramblers, bottle-puck handling systems, shrink bundlers, stretch banders, secondary bottle and 5th panel carton orienters, canister and pouch-style desiccant/oxygen absorber feeders, as well as coding, vision and case packing modules supporting serialization and aggregation.

Omega Design Corporation operates from a fully integrated facility in Exton, Pennsylvania, which provides product research and development, product line engineering, parts manufacture, machine assembly and testing.  Come visit for a Demo.  For more information, call 610-363-6555 or please visit



About Xyntek, a CXV Global company

Xyntek, a CXV Global company is a leading solutions provider in the delivery of Manufacturing Automation, Machine Vision, Serialization, Digital Transformation and Professional and Managed Services to global Life Sciences and other high end manufacturers.  What sets us apart is our ability to offer a standardized service for the design, deployment and support of engineering projects internationally while delivering proven technology and high quality, local service support.

Xyntek is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Through our group CXV Global, Xyntek has a comprehensive network of engineering focused employees across offices in US and Europe that are committed to innovating and putting our customers at the centre of what we do. For more information visit