Custom Machine Vision Systems Integration Solutions

VistaLink is a Belgium-based specialised machine vision system integrator. Utilising the latest developments in machine vision technology, as 3D and artificial intelligence, VistaLink is delivering custom solutions to end customers, machine builders and OEMs in regulated industries. Additionally, VistaLink provides a range of modular products off the shelf.

Improve Your Production Process Efficiency and Reduce Business Risks

Started back in the eighties, the pioneer days of machine vision, VistaLink has today a strong technical engineering team with a dedicated focus. Our focus lies with pharmaceutical, automotive & logistic customers making sure that we use our expertise and experience in providing a reliable and sustainable solution.

Our team of expert engineers do not only support customer projects, but also take an active part in adding value to the customer’s KPI’s.

We are proud to have been chosen by worldwide industry leaders to be their partners in bringing proven technologies and well-supported vision solutions to your site.

Best Pharmaceutical Machine Vision Solutions Provider 2019

Innovative Image Processing Company 2018

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We’ve been leading the way in the solutions we bring to customer problems and in the deployment of leading edge technologies for over 30 years.