Connect Academy

Connect Academy is an innovation driver within CXV Global

Connect Academy provides digitalisation advice, consultancy and deployment of “edge of next” solutions to life science and high value manufacturing sectors. We specialise in helping life science customers to generate positive behavioural change through digital work instruction solutions and high quality online and LMS-based learning solutions.

Digital Work Instructions 

Digital Work Instructions Reduce Errors and Increase Efficiency in Manufacturing

Digital Work Instructions (DWIs): 

  • Deliver relevant and compliant information to end users exactly when they need it
  • Reduce errors by guiding the execution of important tasks
  • Provide the option to deliver data to feed into your continuous improvement processes
  • Produce an audit trail that can help with CAPA investigations

Regulatory and GMP Training

The Academy provides Regulatory and GMP Training courses to Life Science companies. 

In cooperation with our partners LearnAboutGMP we offer a full suite of accredited GMP compliance and regulatory courses.

The current catalogue of courses is constantly being updated to keep abreast of the latest knowledge challenges in life sciences. All courses are authored by leading, long established and acknowledged subject matter experts in their fields.  The collection of courses ensures you have the latest information on such important topics as Data Integrity, Validation, Regulatory Compliance etc.


Our People-Centric Approach

We use carefully designed methods to ensure that the solutions you choose are the best fit, not only for your processes but more importantly, for your people. We use a people-centric approach to gathering the valuable tacit knowledge that your Subject Matter Experts have acquired over their years’ of experience. We then deploy that knowledge for other users via the best-in-class Picomto digital work instruction solution.


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